System: Pro Tools Ultimate / HD Native.
AD/DA Converters: Apogee Symphony I/O.
Software: Pro Tools Ultimate.
Computer: Apple Mac Pro 12-core.
Plugins: Lexicon, Focusrite, PSP, Slate Digital, Antares, Avid, Klanghelm, Voxengo, Massey, Relab, Soundtheory, Oeksound, Sonible, TDR, Eventide, Izotope, Flux, Kazrog, Plugin Alliance.
Console: Audient ZEN. High quality analogue mixing board with automation.

Computer: PCI card RME HDSP 9632,
Steven Slate Drums, GPO 4.
CD-R - Plextor Premium 2.
Sonoris DDP Creator.

Signal Processors:
Vintech 273 (Neve clone) Dual Preamp + Eq
Tegeler Creme - Bus Compressor and Mastering Equalizer
TL Audio C-1 Dual Valve Preamp Compressor (RCA black plate tubes)
TL Audio PA-1 Pentode Preamp
Drawmer 1968 mkII Tube Compressor
16x Audient Class A preamp
Audient Bus Compressor
TL Audio 5150 Valve Processor
Joemeek SC2.2 Photo Optical Compressor
Joemeek VC1Q (modded)
IGS S-Type Mix Bus Compressor
Focusrite Compounder
Bellari RP 282A Vacuum Tube Compressor/Limiter
Aphex 104 Aural Exciter
Korg AM8000R
Lexicon MPX 500
Lexicon MPX 100
Roland SRV-3030
Sony V-55
Lexicon Vortex i in.

Audio Technica
MXL Genesis.

Instruments and Amps:
Drums: DW PDP FS

Mesa/BoogieTriaxis + Mesa/Boogie 50/50 + Marshall 1960
Fender Twin Reverb, Mesa Dual Rectifier, Orange AD30R

Yamaha EX7 extended synthesis music synthesizer
Waldorf Blofeld Synthesizer
Sampler E-mu Esi 4000
Sampler E-mu E5000 Ultra
E-mu Ultraproteus
E-mu Mo'Phatt
Yamaha TX81Z
Ensoniq SQ-1

Bass Preamps:
Sansamp bassdriver
Hartke bass attack
Joemeek GBQ
Ampeg Classic Bass Preamp.